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Office Policy

Change of Address

Please advise the front desk if you have any changes to your address, phone number or care card.

Prescription Refills

Please book an appointment for refills. If it’s an emergency please have your pharmacy fax the prescription to our office.

Test Results

If you wish to discuss your results an appointment will be booked to discuss with MD. You will be notified in to review abnormal results.

Telephone Calls

The phone lines are very busy after a long weekend and on Monday mornings so it’s best to phone for non-urgent concerns in the afternoon.

Drop-in Appointments

We offer advanced access to all our patients. If you need to be seen today call the office and we will see you. Do not automatically proceed to a walk in clinic or emergency department.

Appointment Time

The allotted time for a routine visit is 10 minutes and 20 minutes for a complete physical. Please present your most urgent concern first. Your doctor may require you to book a follow up appointment to remain thorough and be on time for you and other patients.

Privacy Notice

We have a detailed office policy for the protection of your personal information. This document is available for your perusal if you wish.

Scheduling Appointments

If possible, the reason for your appointment should be shared with receptionist so the clinic can be adequately prepared for your appointment. Please call us immediately if you cannot make your scheduled appointment. You will be billed for missed appointments if you have not notified the clinic.

Schedule Changes

Occasional changes to the schedule may be necessary to accommodate medical emergencies, in which case we will do our best to notify you prior to your scheduled appointment.

UBC Teaching Site

We have the priviledge of being a designated teaching site for UBC family practice residents and medical students. Residents - have completed medical school and are doing speciality training in family practice. Students - have not completed medical school and work under close supervison with the physicians. We value your support in allowing us to teach future MD’s.

Uninsured Services

There are many things the doctors do that are not covered by the Medical Services Plan, including:

Drivers Medical Partial Exam $60.00
Insurance Forms Up To 2 Pages $45.00
Insurance Forms 3 Pages Or More $65.00
Disability Tax Credit Certificates $25.00
Disability Parking Pass Forms $25.00
Transfer Of Records $30.00
Quick Vue Strep A Test $5.00
Liquid Nitrogen $10.00
Steroid Injection $10.00
Cautery $10.00
Circumcisions $150.00
Missed Appointments $64.50
Other uninsured services not mentioned here should be discussed with your physician as needed.
Dr. Alison Howatt
Dr. Kim Grieve Inc.
Dr. Stacey Kirkman Inc.

Where We Are

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