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What services are not covered by MSP?

Click here for a list of uninsured services

What if someone does not have valid medical coverage?

If we are unable to validate your medical coverage or you do not have medical coverage, there will be a charge for the visit.

What is MSP’s phone #?


How do you renew a Prescription?

To renew a prescription we ask that you please call the pharmacy in which you deal with and kindly ask them to forward us a request for renewal on the medication(s) you require.In most cases the doctor will review the request and return within 24-48 hours.However, in some situations please be advised that you may be called into the office for an appointment.

Are we a walk in clinic?

No, we are not a walk in clinic. We do however provide advanced access to patients at our clinic.

What is advanced access?

Advanced access is being able to see a practitioner in the office on the day you require for urgent care.

Do we have a cancellation list?

No we do not have a cancellation list.

Do we phone people to remind them of upcoming appointments?

No we do not phone people to remind them of appointments.

What are the clinic hours?

Clinic doors are unlocked Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.Appointments during these times vary due to doctors schedules. Occasionally we are closed over lunch. Phones are answered 8:30am-4:00pm Monday through Friday. We are not open on weekends.

What can I do to keep the doctor running on time?

  • Focus on one major health concern per visit and book additional appointment for other unrelated concerns
  • Arrive on time and check in at the reception desk
  • You are welcome to have anyone accompany you. However, we ask that if they have a medical question regarding themselves they book a separate appointment time

Will I be called when my test results comes in?

Normal results do not get a phone call. How long should I expect to wait to hear from a specialist office. Please be aware that we have no control over wait times and each office is different.However, to ensure you do not wait any longer then necessary please make sure your address and phone number are up-to-date in our computer system.

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